The ATOs snazzy new app to kick off FY20 tax

Tax time can be as straightforward or as complex as you make it. The most considerable pain when July 1st rolls around is reconciling expenses and potential deductions. But I’ll tell you what: nothing more remarkable than being organized.

I’m told by my good friends over in the tax world that the ATO is eyeing off claims for phone usage, travel, internet, and the good old work uniform dry cleaning (amongst other things, no doubt).

So what better way to get organized for next year than to keep track of things now? The ATO app has made this super easy for you. Once you log in, head over to deductions, and the app will allow you to record travel, beliefs and upload receipts as you go. Come tax time; you’ll be able to download the entire year’s records as a CSV file and shoot it through to your accountant.

You’ll a) remember the deductions you’re entitled to and b) have all your receipts in one place.

Maybe I love snazzy systems and frameworks to get things done. But it works. And you’re going to love yourself come tax time next year.

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