Stocks of UPI 

When was the last occasion you visited your local bank or paid someone with a check?

You don’t know that. We have shifted to digital payments using Unified Payments Interface apps.

Thanks to UPI mobile apps, the digital wave has empowered our payment system. We can now send and receive money much faster than ever before. We send money by scanning a QR code. We send money to a contact number. With UPI, we can pay for online and offline purchases, pay bills, book tickets, etc., in just seconds.

They reward us by giving attractive cashback and discount coupons. It is no longer necessary to go to the bank to make payments or to add someone as a beneficiary.

In the last five to ten years, the number of UPI users has quadrupled. We will be discussing the progress of UPI companies and their stock performance in this blog. Let’s start by learning about these stocks.

UPI stocks in India

UPI stocks are the shares of companies that provide UPI interfaces to customers, such as Paytm. Phone Pe, Paytm, and Mobikwik are the three most popular players within the UPI and digital wallet space.

Paytm was the first to launch its IPO in November 2021. Mobikwik and Phone Pe are preparing to launch their IPOs soon. These UPI companies have a similar business model. These companies are all focused on the digital payments universe.

UPI Universe: Growing in Number

According to the data from January 2022, PhonePe, Google Pay, and Paytm all have similar rates of acceptance for UPI payments. Phone Pe is the leader with 41% of the total. Google Pay is its competitor, with a UPI volume of 37%. The data will fluctuate and not remain constant. According to the data for 2022, UPI transactions will have exceeded a billion by 2020-21. They are also expected to grow with a CAGR of 122%.

The rapid growth of UPI in India is a sign that the country is moving towards a cashless society.

UPI benefits not only its users but also the entire economy. UPI will become one of India’s most popular digital payment methods. Recently, it has gained a lot more traction.

The ease and speed of digital payments are two reasons UPI payments are so popular.

UPI is the leader in digital payments due to the widespread push towards digital payments. Cashbacks and coupons are also attractive. UPI is a preferred payment method for small businesses and vendors because of its benefits.

UPI payments, especially for small businesses, have made it much easier to manage multiple accounts and create seamless transactions through a mobile app.

UPI transactions are free of charge, so you can avoid the transaction costs that come with digital payment methods like debit and credit cards. UPI payments are also tracked and accounted for through your UPI mobile app.

It helps small businesses to reduce costs and offers payment flexibility, faster settlements, and secure transactions. The BHIM UPI App has launched a lite-version called UPI lite to provide better services for small businesses.

UPI Stocks: The Future

India has a large population, and there are still many opportunities for UPI to grow. The number of UPI transactions will increase as more Indians gain access to smartphones and the internet.

UPI is a payment method that can be compared to credit cards or debit cards because of its ease of use, speed, security, and zero transaction costs. UPI’s easy-to-use payment features can make it more popular globally. UPI has now begun to be accepted internationally, not only in India.

Bhutan was the first to adopt UPI by 2022. There are also more UPI companies lining up for their IPOs.

PhonePe and MobiKwik are two UPI stocks that you should be looking out for. They may launch their IPOs in 2022. This will allow you to compare and analyze the performance of UPI stocks more effectively.

What is the performance of UPI-listed stock?

Paytm is currently listed on the stock market. It’s an online payment app that offers UPI, among other services. Paytm’s stock has a short-term return that is less than impressive despite the UPI reach and volume.

One97 Communications, Paytm’s holding company, began offering its shares to the public in November 2021. Paytm’s shares have dropped by 70 percent since the company launched them in November 2021.

Paytm shares failed to meet the shareholders’ expectations despite being in the thriving UPI market. The company’s stock did not reflect the boom in acceptance and use of UPI.

The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) announcement in March was the main reason for the fall in the price of Paytm. The RBI ordered Paytm not to accept new customers at the Paytm Payments Banks due to multiple supervisory concerns.

Investors began to feel negatively about the company. The stock price of its company fell dramatically due to this, as well as the spread of the Ukraine/Russian war.

UPI Stocks vs Banking Stocks

There are not enough historical data available to compare UPI stocks with banking stocks. This comparison will be possible with the expansion of the UPI universe and the influx of UPI stocks into the market.


UPI is becoming more accepted in India and around the world. However, UPI companies still have a lot of work to do in India. Paytm is the UPI stock that has recently seen its price recover by about two percent in June 2022.

Only time will tell which UPI stocks are the winners of this year’s profits race. These stock listings can also give investors a better understanding of the performance of UPI stocks. Investors will be able to find the best value for their UPI stocks in India.

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