Even though it’s been rough sailing lately, Australian population growth in the capital cities is in over drive and property has just keeped on ticking upwards. In turn, there has been a massive increase of people turning to house sharing.

Traditionally when people think house sharing, the default thought is people in their 20’s and 30’s. But there has been huge rise in the number of people in almost every demographic, age and income bracket. Reasons vary, some are saving for house deposits of their own, others it’s lifestyle reasons, and some just like the company.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and in our sleuthing we came across a really cool Australian crew working to solve one of the problems with house sharing. easyshare is a payment app where you can collect everyone’s share of the rent, bills and make payments on your behalf. For the housemates who drop the old “I’m getting paid on Thursday”, you can even add IOUs which will get you paid back without all the mental notes and passive aggressive post it notes.

Check em out.