When it comes to financial services, it’s safe to say - we’d never been great at fitting in. We’d like to think that’s because we can’t help but call it how it is, in an industry that so often… well…doesn’t. Yeah, we have been a bit of a square peg in a round hole, but over the years we’ve really found a niche which we absolutely love.

That’s why we made the decision to no longer be Financial Advisers and instead make it our personal mission to help people make smarter, more confident decisions with their money and their mortgages.

We’re re-introducing ourselves as your unapologetically real money coaches, with valuable, sustainable information and services that aim to help you financially thrive. And perhaps most importantly – help you to live the lives you’ve always dreamed about, because after all, that’s really what it’s all about.

Who We Are

Since 2008 we’ve been helping all different kinds of people plan for the big life events, buy a place or just use their money a little better.

We think Wealth is an abstract notion – the meaning of “wealth” will change according to your own personal idea of what it means to ultimately be wealthy.

For some – it’s yachts and fast cars, for others it’s a home in the country, or a lifestyle that allows you to travel. No two person’s idea of what it means to ‘experience wealth’ will be the same. And we love that. Our goal is to assist you identify what your idea of wealth is, and then to help you to get there.

Who We Help

We are awesome at two main areas. Helping people manage their money, and helping people buy property.

When it comes to money management, we’ve built a framework that helps you know where your money is going, what you’ve got available, and what you need to do in order to meet your short and long term goals. We tailor the framework to you, because no two people have the same goals, needs or dreams.

The world of getting finance can be a tricky and confusing landscape, plus it’s tough to know just who to trust. Lenders are so often trying to lock you into the biggest loan they can over the longest term, but no one really shows you what will fit into your lifestyle, and what adjustments you’d need to make to get that place you want. We tip the process on its head help you make confident decisions when it comes to property.

How We Help

Meet Your Team

We get it, you're sick everyone pushing you into a one size fits all approach to finances. It's the one that focuses on selling you products as its default option, but no one actually shows you what you need to be doing right now to lead the life you want, while planning for the future you want. We're here to help educate, help you understand your finances, and show you practical things you need to do differently.

I've been with Experience Wealth for 10 years now and do not know where I'd be without their expertise and advice over the years. I came to them in debt and with absolutely no idea how much money I was spending. I'm now a lot more conscious of how I spend and save but at the same time still manage to enjoy holidays and some luxury items within reason. I also have the confidence that I'm adequately covered by my insurance policies and I'm getting the best possible deals. The whole team are so supportive and empathetic, understanding the needs of younger professionals. Highly recommend!

Kelly A

"The team at Experience Wealth continue to be such an integral part of our success. Over the past 7 years we have grown through life stages and changing scenarios where they continue to demonstrate not only their experience, but their care. We're so excited to share our future with the team at Experience Wealth."

Sharni A

"As a young family, Experience Wealth has been our saviours when adjusting our finances to our current situation, whilst also planning for our future! Their expertise, professionalism and service is outstanding and I highly recommend becoming part of the Experience Wealth family!"

Rebecca B
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