7 Best Investing Blogs 2022: Think Like an Investor

In this episode in our “Think Like An Investor series, we’ll explore a second resource that can be extremely useful for investors of the present blogs.

We’re sure you’re thinking. Everyone and their pet has a blog nowadays, and although we’re not denying the benefits of a well-written dog blog, We’ve cut through the clutter and listed our top investing blogs to help you avoid having to wade through the haze (Dr. Seuss eat your heart out!).

MyWallSt Blog

At MyWallSt, we have an array of content for all. From news on the stock market and business to the analysis of individual stocks and a constantly growing library of educational articles to help assist you in becoming a better investor, Our blog is a perfect fit for all types of retail investors that are out there. The blog also has the most impressive writing team in the world. Perhaps the most effective team of writers ever created. They provide an honest and impartial analysis throughout the entire process!

The Collaborative Fund: Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel is a fantastic writer with insightful insights that are as eye-opening as they are accessible. AA few steps back, he studies the vast array of historical and economic factors to inform and guide his opinion pieces of long-form published weekly. His view on macroeconomics is unique, as is the subject of his daily post. I would recommend his article as an excellent base for anyone looking to enter the stock market.

The Motley Fool

An enormous investment blog, news site stock advisor, educational resource, and everything in between all wrapped into one, the Motley Fool should be an asset in any retail investor’s arsenal. With a formidable team of analysts and writers on the same page, The Fool provides an unending stream of information. It’s the one-stop shop for all the most up-to-date news about stocks, particularly during earnings season. They also host among the top podcasts about investing available.


It’s bending the rules a bit since I don’t believe anyone can call Reddit an actual blog, but it’s an information swarm that doesn’t receive enough attention. For those unfamiliar with Reddit, it is a social media platform geared towards open debate. It’s divided into distinct forums for specialist topics called subreddits, covering every subject you can imagine. Subreddits such as r/investing, r/stocks or business, and r/StockMarket offer an information source and an online community that allows you to discuss everything related to the market. It’s an excellent resource for beginners to invest in since you can locate the right neighborhood and information suitable for you. And more importantly, if you ever have any questions, you can ask!

A Wealth of Common Sense: Ben Carlson

On his website, Carlson approaches the art (or science according to your perspective) by investing straightforwardly. “A Wealth of Common Sense” is among our top investment blogs because it explains the market and encourages the long-term investment approach and a few of the pillars of our work here at MyWallSt. Carlson’s common-sense approach and straightforward writing style make this blog an excellent resource for anyone with a stake in this game. From the novice investor to those with more mature portfolios. It’s also one of the most valuable investment Twitter accounts out there.

Farnam Street: Shane Parish

This is not your typical investment blog. Shane Parish’s Farnam Street delves into the human psyche to discover how we function. His research regarding mental models is worth reading if you you want to improve your problem-solving and critical thinking skills, or if you have an overall curiosity about how the human brain functions. With more than 220 articles in its Philosophy category and only 18 on Investing, This isn’t the site you turn to for the latest hot growing stock. It’s an article that will assist you in optimizing your overall way of investing.

The Big Picture: Barry Ritholtz

The Big Picture has been around since 2003 and has gained a devoted following since it was founded, primarily due to Ritholtz’s non-bullshit strategy for investing. The current Bloomberg writer and the ex-Washington Post writer is in the elusive club of Wall Street; he is one of the few people who have successfully predicted something. In this instance, it was the housing crisis and then the recession that followed in 2008. The Big Picture is an excellent insight into an investor’s thoughts at the top. In his opinion pieces, Ritholtz shares with his readers the articles he reads daily. If you’re interested in learning more about Wall Street, this blog is an excellent place to begin.

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