We love budgets...and we love working with people who understand that having a budget is actually a good thing... Budgets come in all shapes and sizes, just like the people who use them.

Budgets are what helps you make Plans - for the things you want to spend your money on (like kids, education, having a life, a home to live in etc...)

And Budgets are what ultimately help you track your progress (and measure your success) towards your spending and savings goals.

We happen to be really good at helping families build budgets... build plans around those budgets (Family Plans, Property Plans, Education Plans) and track their progress to their budgets and their plans.

It just happens that there are four types of families that we're bloody brilliant at helping - we're great at helping singles too, we're just awesome with these four family types!

We've painted a picture of each of those four types of families below... if you look like any of these, then we'd love to help you with your own family budget.

Meet our EXW "New Families"

Planning or expecting your first child is a really exciting time, and what comes with that excitement, is a little bit of anxiety around "how much is this going to cost?" or "how long can we take off work?"

Since starting EXW in 2009, we have helped dozens of New Families take the financial anxiety out of having their first child, by helping them:

* Build their Pregnancy savings plan

* Build their Maternity leave plan

* Build their Return to work plan

* Understand the real costs of having a baby (Medical, Nursery etc...)

For these families, everything is new, so our focus is on taking the time to help them move at their own pace, and learn along the way.
Meet our EXW "Childcare Families"

They're so cute at this stage, with so much energy and curiosity for what life is about. As parents of childcare aged kids, you love that last cuddle as you drop them off, and the sprinting cuddle when you pick them up. But it's not all adventures and cuddles, there is the cost of childcare, the challenge of finding a balance, and knowing how much support you'll get in the way of subsidies."

At EXW we're experts at helping our Childcare Families navigate the ins and outs of the childcare system from a cost and subsidies perspective, helping them:

* Understand their actual childcare costs

* Know how much subsidy they will be entitled to

* Prepare for other costs at this age (swimming etc.)

* Juggle the challenges of returning to work in different combinations of days worked, and how that effects their costs, subsidies, savings and impact on other goals

For these families, budgets are a bit of a moving feast, changing as the number of days worked and childcare days change, along with subsidies and caps... so it's all about helping them build confidence around all scenarios in terms of days in care and at work, and what those scenarios look like when they are factored into their budgets.
Meet our EXW "School Aged Families"

Tears flow when your kids finish up childcare and walk on their own off to school for the first time (and sometimes that's tears of joy in not having to pay childcare fees as well). With the start of school comes the changes in what you pay. School Fees, extra curricular activities, uniforms and other things (sports etc.) all need to be added into the normal way of life now.

At EXW we believe that budgeting for your childs education journey - no matter which path they take - is about making sure you give them the best start in life that you can. It's so much more than just "Public vs Private School". Which is why we've become experts in helping our School Aged Families make more confident decisions around:

* Their kids education journey, and the associated costs for that journey (Prep - Year 12)

* How they'll pay for the costs as they come up (Budget now vs Save for later)

* Where they'll store the money they do set aside for Education

* Whether they'd get value from talking to a Financial Planner around specific education savings options

* How they'll help their kids start to manage their own money better (Pocket Money > Jobs etc.)

Right now, we're in the School Aged families group ourselves, so we ABSOLUTELY know what this life stage is all about. For our families we share experiences with them, and help them figure this part out for themselves, but also start to focus on helping their kids become a part of their own spending and savings journeys too.
Meet our EXW "Young Adult Families"

They might legally be 'adults' but they're still kids to us... especially while they're still living at home and are still unable to tell us when they finished the last of the milk!

Our young adult kids are just starting to make their own way into the world, whether that's while continuing their studies, getting their first full time job, or by mixing and matching. Either way, our families are still playing a supporting role, albeit with a goal to allow our kids to eventually take sole responsibility of their own money worlds.

For our EXW Young Adult Families, we've watch them and their kids grow up together - go through school, Uni and into the workforce. So we understand the very important role we play in helping our families during this important transition stage in their lives. Our role includes:

* Helping them continue to help their kids learn how to build their own budgets

* Showing them different ways to talk to their kids about money responsibilities

* Developing banking structures that help their kids get a better handle on managing their own expenses

* Working with our clients to help them feel confident as they step back from the 'money manager' in their kids lives

For these families, it's about letting their kids learn every aspect of money - good and bad - so that when they do take full control, they're ready to face the world full of confidence and with a ready built spending and savings model that works for them.