At Experience Wealth, we know that money isn’t just facts and figures. Both spending and saving is rooted in varied emotional, habitual and psychological factors and over the years we’ve found that everyone is unique.

So what does that mean for our money coaching services? We’ve come to know that a one size fits all approach is useless and blanket advising people on how to budget and save doesn’t work in the long term.

That’s why we have developed a range of personalised money coaching services over various platforms, to ensure that you find the method that’s right for you.The process goes a little something like this:

Initial Discussion

30 min. Complimentary Meeting
  • 'You Are Here'. This is where we start our journey.

    At Experience Wealth, we don’t suggest one of our services or programs without getting to know you and what your money goals are first.

    In our initial chat we want to find out about yourself, what you are looking to see then see if we can help out. We'll also give you an in depth overview of our entire end to end process.
Goal Planning Session

$440 one time fee
  • In order to truly help you, we need to have a full understanding of your current situation and where you want to be in the future, so we can help you establish a realistic plan that you can stick to and a program that best suits your individual style.

    We do this over a face to face Goal Planning Session where we will spend 2 hours with you going over:
    -A clear understanding of what Financial Independence means to you when it relates to your Lifestyle & Money Goals.
    - An understanding of your individual and shared Values (that underpin your Goals)
    - A completed Goals Board – where you map out your goals by Want to Have vs Must Have and over different stages in your Life.
    - A comparison of how your Budget compares against other Experience Wealth clients in your peer group
    - A comparison of your current Banking ‘mud map’ with our “Best Practice” model.
    - An understanding of what Plans you need to build to achieve your Goals.
    - A 2 hour coaching session around your money behaviours, processes and goals.
Money Management Plan

$995 one time fee
  • Before you plan for your goals, you need to know exactly how much money you've got to put towards them. That is why after the Goal Planning Session - the next plan we build is around your Money.

    Your Money Management Plan covers the 3 key focus areas.

    Budgeting - What does it cost for you to Live and have a Life? How much do you need to allocate to your Debts? How much can you consistently save each month?

    Reporting – is all about you getting the feedback you need to know how you're tracking to your Spending & Savings budgets. It's about "Real Numbers, in Real Time".

    Banking – is all about having a purpose built Bank Account and Credit Card structure... so you know how many accounts you need, what each one is for and how to use them to hit your Spending and Savings targets.

    In this plan you'll get:
    - A creation of your Spending & Savings Plan (Budget)
    - Personalised Report Templates
    - A Review of your current Banking structure
    - Suggestions to improve your Banking Structure
    - Creation of your own Moneysoft Spending Tracking account
Goal Action Plan

$550 per Plan
  • If you're working towards a specific goal or have a major life event coming up, it can be pretty daunting not knowing exactly what you need to do to reach your goal.

    Whilst everyone's combination of goals are unique, the 4 most common goals remain the same - and that is what we specialise in building plans around. Those are:

    - Property Purchase / Home Upgrade / Renovation Plan
    – Family Plan (Pregnancy / Maternity Leave / Return to Work)
    - Education Plan (Childcare / Schooling / Tertiary)
    - Career Change Plan (Work / Study Break)

Once your plans are built, we offer ongoing Monthly Coaching and support to keep you on track to reach your goals. Our options are designed to give you the support you need based on the level of coaching you believe will help you reach your goals. *** Minimum 3-month initial contract period for all coaching options ***

Video Money Coach

Suited to those just looking for help improving their savings

$110 per month
  • Includes:

    - Access to your own Moneysoft Account
    - All Moneysoft transaction reconciliations work done by our team
    - Weekly Spending Snapshots
    - Monthly Report Packs
    - Quarterly Progress Reports
    - Simple Budget changes
    - a Quarterly “Money Coaching Video” with Key Results and Focus areas

    Extra Costs if requested:
    - $550 Yearly Money Management Plan Meeting
    - $330 per hour for Money Coaching Meetings
Personal Money Coach

Suitable for those looking for a traditional coaching relationship, with 'live' feedback in meetings

$220 per month
  • Includes:

    - Everything in the Video Money Coach Pack PLUS
    - Quarterly Progress Meetings (run via Zoom)
    - "What If" discussions added to Quarterly Meetings (add up to 1 hour per quarter) to discuss changes to the Goals
    - Unlimited changes to your Moneysoft Budgets, Categories, Goals and Report layouts
    - Yearly Goal & Budget Update Meeting

    Extra Costs if requested:
    - $330 per hour for extra meetings with Accountants, Financial Planners or your other Finance Professionals.
Chief Money Officer (CMO)

Suited to Business Owners and Executives with Complexity

$440 per month
  • Includes:

    - Everything in the Personal Money Coach Pack PLUS
    - Unlimited meetings & phone calls (including meetings with your Accountant, Financial Planner and other Finance Professionals
    - Liaising with your Finance Professionals on your behalf via email, phone or to co-ordinate on Plans or to obtain clarity around your financials
    - Analysis of your business, trust and personal financials - with a focus on connecting them together in a way that makes sense for you.
The Graduate

For those who no longer need regular ongoing Coaching, but want to keep tracking their results

$55 per month
  • Includes:

    - Access to your Moneysoft account (but you takeover managing the categorisation of your transactions)
    - Email support to answer your Moneysoft questions
    - EXW team can create rules on your behalf, and make budget changes
    - Access to a video library of "How To Guides" on using Moneysoft

    Extra Costs:
    - Moneysoft "Fixups" - $110 each block of 30 minutes work
    - Meetings with an EXW team member - $330 per hour
    *** Only available after being on another coaching package for a minimum of 3 months ***
If you wanted to chat about anything we have on offer, or how we can help, book your complimentary Initial Discussion now.