At Experience Wealth, we know that money isn’t just facts and figures. Both spending and saving is rooted in varied emotional, habitual and psychological factors and over the years we’ve found that everyone is unique.

So what does that mean for our money coaching services? We’ve come to know that a one size fits all approach is useless and blanket advising people on how to budget and save doesn’t work in the long term.

That’s why we have developed a range of personalised money coaching services over various platforms, to ensure that you find the method that’s right for you.The process goes a little something like this:

Quick Chat

  • 'You Are Here'. This is where we start our journey.

    At Experience Wealth, we don’t suggest one of our services or programs without getting to know you and what your money goals are first.

    In our initial chat we want to find out about yourself, what you are looking to see then see if we can help out. We'll also give you an in depth overview of our entire end to end process.
Goal Planning Session

  • In order to truly help you, we need to have a full understanding of your current situation and where you want to be in the future, so we can help you establish a realistic plan that you can stick to and a program that best suits your individual style.

    We do this over a face to face Goal Planning Session where we will spend an hour with you going over:
    - A future map of your Lifestyle Goals, ordered by importance, and stress tested against your values
    - A comparison of how your Budget compares against our Experience Wealth ‘Coached’ peer group
    - A projection on when you are likely to pay off your home loan based on your budget.
    - A 90 minute coaching session around our Best Practice model.
Money Management Plan

  • Once we've laid the ground work on where you are now and what's important to you, we move into solution mode. In our Money Management Plan, we create your Living Expenses & Lifestyle Spending Budget.

    In this plan you'll get:
    - Creation of your Savings Plan
    - Personalised Report Templates
    - Review current Banking structure
    - Explore EW Ideal Banking Structure
    - Creation of your own Xero account
    - Includes EW Personal Lending Assessment (Borrowing Power, Market Comparison & Best Fit) provided by our in-house Mortgage Broker
    - Includes Complimentary Debt Reduction Plan
Goal Action Plan

$500^ per goal

  • ^ Waived with ongoing Personal Money Coaching Package

    If you're working towards a specific goal or have a major life event coming up, it can be pretty daunting not knowing exactly what you need to do to prepare. While we can build specific plans for most things, commonly this would include: Goals we can build an Action Plan for:
    - Property Purchase / Renovation
    – How much can we ‘really’ afford to spend/borrow?
    - Maternity Leave / Return to Work
    - How much will we need, what will our Money Plan look like after we have kids?
    - Child Care / School Fees – How much can we afford to save/spend?

Once we have you up and running, we then offer tiered packaged to keep you on track. In short, we'll then be involved as much or as little as you want.


$33 per month
  • This ongoing package best suits the quiet achiever who works best when they’re left to their own devices. Were you the kid in school who pulled all the blocks into a corner and quietly built a masterpiece? Our DIY solo saver may be just the kind of digital toolkit you need to get you started on your money management journey.
Video Money Coach

$110 per month
  • Not all of us operate at our best as a lone ranger. Many of us need at the very least a subtle nudge in the right direction and most of us need someone or something to keep us accountable at times – that’s just human nature and a proven facet of goal setting, tracking and achievement. Enter Experience Wealth stage left. Not only do we provide you with a full toolkit to keep youtracking on your money goals, but we also become your virtual money coach with regular check ins, progress reports and personalised focus areas. This is a great mix between enabling and assisting and suits people who benefit from regular guidance and accountability.
Personal Money Coach

$220 per month
  • This is where we step it up a notch. For those that really want to get serious about their money habits, this is the program for you. It also happens to be our most popular program. We arm you with everything you need to succeed and we are with you every step of the way. This includes everything in the programs above, plus face to face or virtual meetings, unlimited “what if” money plan discussions, unlimited changes to your budgets and goals and a whole lot more. If you’re the type of person who thrives when working collaboratively, or just knows they have a better chance of succeeding when they have unlimited support and knowledge at their fingertips – then we think you’d benefit from our Personal Money Coach program. After all, Jack Johnson says – “It’s always better when we’re together.”
If you wanted to chat about anything we have on offer, or how we can help, reach out below.