You may be thinking 'Where do you even start with getting a loan these days? And who can I trust?' It's hard to know which lenders (if any) have your best interests at heart. You need someone on your side with insider knowledge who can go in to bat for you. And who makes it their personal mission to beat them at their own game.

If you’re sussing us out, there is also a good chance you’ve checked out some other brokers too. No doubt you’ve seen enough happy family stock photos to last a lifetime. Don’t believe the hype around how easy the process will be, how much time you’ll save and whatever other buzz words get thrown in your direction. The harsh reality is getting finance is tougher than ever and there is work you need to put in to put yourself in the best position possible.

That’s where we’re different. We’ll keep it on the level with you, tell you how it is, but we’ll also do all the heavy lifting we can.

Am I Ready To Buy?

Sometimes you just need to know where to begin. Are you there yet? Maybe. If not, we’ll show you what you need to get there.

There can be plenty of factors that play into if you’re ready or not, and we’ll help you with what we can. This can include getting your current finances in order, creating savings plans to get you on target, and educating you on how to put yourself in the best position possible before getting a loan.

Borrowing Power Doesn't Equal Living Comfortably

You've seen it before. The sleazy 'Click Here to Find Out How Much You Can Borrow' click baits with small disclaimers explaining how you'll also have to spend the next 30 years repaying it and eating ramen every night. Lenders love 30 year loan terms because you'll pay a huge amount of interest. I'll tell you who shouldn't love 30 year terms? You.

There’s can be a really big difference between what a bank will be willing to lend you and then what’s actually affordable based on the lifestyle you lead or want to lead. The last thing you want to be doing before making, in many cases, the biggest financial investment of your life is not knowing how a loan will impact your lifestyle.

We work with real numbers to help you make smarter, more informed decisions.

Paying Off A Loan While Still Living Life

It’s easy for people to sit there and tell you just to put all your spare cash off your home loan. But you create a cycle of not being able to part with any cash without feeling guilty.

Via our Money Management Program, we’ll build a lifestyle spending framework to help still lead a quality lifestyle, but also maximise reducing your debt as quick as possible.

All Loans Were Not Created Equally

The banking world has experienced plenty of change in the past few years and with it came an increase of competition. Products and services are constantly evolving, and as new breeds of loans become available, you need to know how to take maximum advantage of everything on offer.

Taking into account your goals, We'll educate you on how modern home loans work – specifically focusing on the key elements of a loan that give you opportunities to pay it off faster.

You Can’t Set and Forget Your Debt

Gone are the days of setting up your loan and letting it run it’s course. ‘Rate creep’ is rampant, and unless you’re on top of your loans on a regular basis, there is a chance you’ll be paying more than you need to.

We complete regular loan reviews to ensure you’re getting the most competitive deal for you possible, and go in to bat on your behalf to renegotiate your rates and debt whenever needed.

If you’d like to chat about buying a home, upgrading, renovating or investing, reach out and we’d love to chat about how we can help!

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